We all love saison, right? I’m going to brew a saison this weekend but when I started to think about the type of saison I want to brew I headed off down a rabbit hole of yeast strains and microbes trying to decide whether I should have a level of tartness to it, keep it simple and sessionable, add some Brett for some funk and age it, any further ingredients like herbs and spice, strong, dark etc. etc. So this got me thinking to write up a post on the various styles of saison I like to brew myself and hopefully give some further insight as to why this is my favourite beer style, that is, if you can shoehorn all these variations into one single style. Defining saison is impossible as it is many things to many people. I hear a lot of people say they don’t like saison but have you drank saison Dupont, the finest clean example? Or a Saison a la Provision from Burning Sky, one with added Brett and lacto?

Saison Sunday
Saison Sunday beer and glass

As we release the second wave of our beers across the country, I wanted to give you a heads up on what we plan on releasing and what the beers are made of plus some other little experiments we have in the pipeline.

It’s a fact, we don’t release beer too often so when we do, we like to tell you about it!

Hopefully by now you’ll have gotten your hands on some of our first release Brett Saison and some of you probably have a few questions about how and why we’re doing it the way we’re doing it.

As far as I’m aware we are the first brewery in Ireland to can-condition or referment the beer in the can. We knew a long time back when we were doing our business plan that there was a strong chance that the mobile canning company may not want to can beers with Brettanomyces or diastaticus yeast strains in them so we had to devise a system that would work for us that nobody else in Ireland had so I delved deep into the underbelly of Milk The Funk to find out alternative process of getting my Brett beers in a can. We’re delighted we can still do business with Darren and the lads at Irish Craft Canning but all we get from them is the empty, pre-labeled can and a few rolls of lids then the lads clip it before my yeast strains go airborne into their delivery van! So fear not other breweries, we don’t send out beer through their canning lines.

Beer menu

Sean and I recently embarked on a 13-day Californian itinerary to get some inspiration and adventure after the Christmas break. Little did we know we would be blown away by the diversity of landscape and cities California has to offer, not to mention the lifestyle and the array of top-class breweries we came across.


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