About our Brewery

Who We Are

Our interest in brewing started as home-brewers intrigued by the lesser-explored Brettanomyces yeast and yet to be explored wild yeast.

Our Ethos

We use traditional brewing processes with open top-fermenters. Our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and can-conditioned which means that beers are refermented in the can with a champagne yeast strain. Most of our beers are very dry and fully fermented with a final gravity below 1.003.

About Us

Wide Street Brewing Company specialises in mixed fermentation methods and 100% Brettanomyces beers. Our vision is to brew innovative beers with alternative fermentation methods. Our house yeast is a custom blend of Brettanomyces, saccharomyces and lactobacillus strains from Bootleg Biology, a yeast laboratory based in Nashville, USA. This gives our beer a distinctive dry mouthfeel and enhanced fruity flavours. We have released many unique styles of beers since we started in May 2019 such as saisons, grisettes and table beers as well as mixed fermentation aged sour beers. We also love experimenting with new hops and brewing styles and have recently released Farmhouse Pilsner and a Cashmere IPA with no Brettanomyces in them!

We are based in Ballymahon, Co. Longford, on the edge of the Royal Canal Greenway. If you are cycling around or holidaying in the area, please drop us a message and we would be delighted to show you around the brewery.

Sean Colohan

Co-founder and brewer with years of home brewing experience. The beer that piqued my interest in brewing with 100% Brett is Little Brett from Allagash and I’ve since then got to meet the mastermind behind the beer to pick his brain that has led me down this path. Wide Street is a reference to my hometown Ballymahon which has one of Ireland’s widest streets…supposedly!

Carla is one of the founder of Wide street

Carla Naltchayan

Co-founder and responsible for running Wide Street from behind the scenes. I look after sales, stacking up the numbers and sometimes cases of beer. A fermentation enthusiast, I can often be found making kimchi or brewing kombucha.
I have recently passed the Cicerone Certified Beer Server exam.


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